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What does it take for a promising education startup to grow into a full-fledged online school that caters to learners regardless of their needs, location, and tech capabilities? The short answer is – a comprehensive MVP created by a team of professional software developers. And with many companies today choosing to outsource softdev, choosing the right IT company is critical to the success of any burgeoning digital brand.

A few months ago, Plavno – a web and mobile software development company – received an MVP request from an ever-growing online music education school whose mission is to use edutainment to engage and inspire learners. The platform felt the need to expand their online presence and open up a digital learning space where communication between teachers and students is seamless and productive. This includes the development of a web app with a video communication service and other communication channels.

Get to the bottom of the customer’s needs

That Plavno The team accepted the challenge with panache and enthusiasm. The preparation phase consisted of several crucial steps that would ensure a comprehensive solution build:

  • Personal advice via video telephony with the customer to outline and specify the request and its scope;
  • comparative research of niche and competitors that allows Plavno to determine the strengths of the platform, potential vectors for improvement, and customer pain points;
  • Creation of the project budget This would help the company understand development costs and predict product and marketing spend both before and after launch.

No stone was left unturned in the preparation phase, Plavno was fully equipped to get to work on the MVP.

The path to the state-of-the-art LMS solution

Once Plavno After gaining a thorough understanding of the client’s business needs, the company’s team of forward-thinking websoft developers got to work. In order to meet the educational platform and its learners’ need for interactive learning, Plavno developed a multi-faceted product that includes:

  • A mobile and web app with a rich feature set;
  • WebRTC-based video calls for engaging 1-to-1 video lessons;
  • A high-quality audio streaming solution, vital for a platform focused on music education;
  • A fast call and chat service.

Speaking of which… Why WebRTC?

To take the quality of online music lessons to a whole new level, Plavno implemented WebRTC – a modern one Technology that allows apps and websites to stream audio/video media and exchange any data directly between browsers. It is based on peer-to-peer connectivity – no additional plugins or applications need to be installed for smooth operation.

WebRTC is a great way to develop real-time interactive video communications. This is exactly what an online school needs to engage learners and arrange quality lessons. This technology is the true powerhouse of Learning Management Systems (LMS) Plavno built for the customer.

This wasn’t the first time Plavno used WebRTC in their project. In fact, the company is a prominent expert on WebRTC technology and its implementation. IT specialists Plavno underline that WebRTC guarantees high quality communication, excellent data security and adaptability of a digital system. The company applied WebRTC to solutions such as a telemedicine platform and various messengers, and now it finds its use in an online music school web platform.

Continuous customer support as Plavno‘s top priority

While Plavno While the team was working on the software solution for the LMS, the customer – then an ambitious and promising startup – was working on raising investment funds for further growth. Work with Plavno allowed the client company:

  • Product development budget optimization;
  • focus on attracting investors;
  • Create an efficient marketing campaign to target potential customers.

Halfway through the soft production phase, however, the startup stumbled on a temporary lack of investment and ran out of liquidity. The company representative quickly contacted Plavno to deliver the unfortunate news – it couldn’t pay the software development services on time.

If another contractor had dropped out of the project immediately, Plavno decided not to let their client down because of these difficulties. As a matter of fact, Plavno not only continued to work on the LMS and build out its rich feature set, but also stayed in touch with the customer to help them navigate other business processes.

This approach, based on commitment and loyalty, quickly paid off. The client managed to solve the financial problems and only a few months later secured the second round of investment for the project. The start-up founders emphasize this Plavno’s support played an important role in the success of the client company’s growth and transformation.

Leave it to the professionals

Why did the customer decide Plavno for your digital expansion project? And why should you put software development in the hands of professional websoft builders in general?

The short answer is – A knowledgeable development company will save you time and money while providing you with a powerful, agile product which are not only relevant to the customer’s current business purposes. A properly built MVP also adapts to the client’s future growth trends.

That’s exactly what Plavno strives – and manages – to do for its customers. Plavno is a dynamic web and mobile software development company focused on developing custom B2B and B2C applications for e-commerce and e-learning using new technologies and agile approaches. More importantly, this is a company that puts customer satisfaction first – and it shows in many of its customer success stories.

It provides companies with highly qualified IT specialists Form or supplement an existing in-house development team via hybrid or remote workflows. In other words, what customers get is a strong IT team ready to work with and for them immediately – It is an excellent approach for improved business scalability and reduced labor costs.

Next to, Plavno is not just an IT outsourcing agent. During a decade of productive work, The company has introduced a variety of software solutions built from scratch that are now thriving in the market. That’s why Plavno isn’t just a group of talented programmers – it’s a team that knows the ins and outs of business operations.

The blooming results

The MVP built by Plavno is now a comprehensive online music education platform based on video lessons with world-class music educators. The platform app is not only seamless and easy to use – it is an excellent learning tool accessible to thousands of learners.

Thanks to Plavno‘s clever solution, The client company is now enjoying higher revenue growth, faster customer acquisition and higher customer satisfaction. The school continues to cooperate with Plavno to create new exciting solutions for better online education opportunities and further business growth.

This customer success story is just one of many Plavno‘s 13 year journey in the web soft development market. Over the past year, the company has participated in more than 80 projects in various fields from SaaS and blockchain to healthcare and e-learning. Many of these projects have already established a strong market presence and differentiated themselves from competitors thanks to Plavno’s knowledge of business processes and local markets.

Always the Plavno Brand demonstrates that technical excellence combined with agile business strategies is key to developing IT products that help businesses grow, scale and thrive in the years to come.

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