School districts in Alberta are not allowed to stop in-school learning despite high absenteeism | – Global News | Team Cansler

New regulations mean Alberta school departments will not be allowed to halt in-school learning despite high levels of absenteeism due to outbreaks of respiratory illness. The province said students and parents will be “guaranteed” access to in-person learning starting Thursday, and students cannot be denied in-person learning by their school boards because they have chosen … Read more

Alberta Minister of Education not counting on school mask mandate despite early, numerous student absences | – Global News | Team Cansler

Alberta’s Secretary of Education reiterated her government’s line that despite early and high student absences, Albertans should not expect mask requirements in schools. “We have made it very clear that we do not anticipate a masking mandate,” Adriana LaGrange told an independent news conference on Wednesday, adding that students and staff can make the “personal … Read more