VIDEO: After 6 boys, homeschooling family excited to find out sex of 7th baby – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

Expecting their seventh baby, the excited parents of six boys under 10 were stunned when hand cannons exploded at their gender reveal party pink confetti in the air. Central Washington’s Sarah Molitor told The Epoch Times, “About 5 percent of me won’t believe it until I actually hold her in my arms!” Sarah and her … Read more

Michigan Democrats Sweep Races for Statewide Education Posts – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

From the publicly elected State Board of Education to the boards of trustees of three universities, the November 8 election has given Democrats even greater responsibility for Michigan’s education policy. According to Chalkbeat Detroit, an educational nonprofit, voters filled each of the statewide election slots on the ballot with a Democrat, despite a robust conservative … Read more

team family! It’s tradition – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

The shared meaning, memories, and belonging created through healthy traditions help family truly be “always and forever.” “Rise up and sh-ii-ne and give glory to God… glory!! Rii-se and sh-ii-ne…” I sang every morning to wake my little kids so they could start our homeschooling routine. Though they’re older and less enthusiastic now, I still … Read more

Education in Hong Kong is going through a tough time – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

comment Weeks ago, my friend from the Education Office told me that there would be a very interesting report from the Hong Kong Legislative Council on National Security Education Support Measures. The report was finally released on October 25th and I couldn’t wait to see what was in it. The 20-page report was comprehensive on … Read more

The Ideas That Formed the Constitution, Part 2: Educating the Founders – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

comment Examine the back of a dollar bill carefully. You will find three inscriptions in Latin. The one on the right is “E pluribus unum”. The two on the left are adaptations of the work of the Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro – whom we call “Virgil”. More about him in a future episode. This … Read more

Calgary pastor jailed amid COVID deliberations after acquitted of charges – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

After dozens of court dates, three weeks in jail and seven public health tickets, Calgary Pastor Tim Stephens says he is relieved after being acquitted of all remaining charges on Nov. 1. Stephens made the comments to The Epoch Times in an interview the day that Alberta Provincial Court Judge Allen A. Fradsham found the … Read more

Asian American Coalition for Education President Warns of Dangers of America’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

With the midterm elections approaching, American voters are unhappy with a number of issues, including rising prices, escalating crime, a sharp rise in homelessness and declining public school performance. The growing struggle between the left and the right, with disputes over numerous issues and even the definitions of “justice” and “equality,” is creating a rift … Read more

Florida ranks first in the national Education Freedom Report Card – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

MESA, Ariz. – Florida emerged victorious in a national report card that measures how well states provide access to school choice and parental input into children’s education. According to the 2022 Education Freedom Report Card from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy organization, parents not only have the right to choose where children learn, … Read more

There’s No Place to Escape – The Epoch Times | Team Cansler

comment Almost every day someone hears my accent and asks where I’m from. The usual next question is why would anyone leave New Zealand and settle here? For freedom lovers, the United States is still the place to be. There is nowhere to flee, neither to New Zealand nor anywhere else. Americans enjoy immense economic … Read more